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The Cars of Today

The cars of today are not like the cars built 10 years or even 20 years ago. Advancements in engineering design, crumple zones, use of high and ultra high strength steels, as well as more advancements in air bag systems from the number of air bags to how and when they deploy. When you go to a shop and you hear the tech say "But I've been doing it this way for 30 years!", grab your keys and bring your vehicle to our shop where we stay up with the latest in collision repair. We use access of OEM procedures and recommendations as well as OEM position statements to ensure your vehicle is repaired the right way every time.

We've seen it all. From other shops incorrectly mounting air bag sensors to leaving damaged wiring harnesses intact or just as bad, repairing them. Why can't they be repaired you ask? The answer is simple, no matter how you attempt the repair, you have altered the OEM design. Can you verify there was no change in resistence, timing, or even stand behind how long that repair will last? I repair cars like they were my own. Would I repair that harness knowing my loved ones were in the vehicle? Absolutely not!

What about used or aftermarket airbags? If you've paid attention to the news over the last year, you know why that's a big no-no.

What if your insurance company is demanding the use of these parts? What's your recourse? Well, sadly, you may not have one if it's on your policy. The first step is to call your agent or insurance company and ask about OEM parts. What's their policy on using only OEM parts? Some state after your vehicle is X amount of years old, they approve aftermarket parts, or they may be okay with them no matter if your vehicle is 5 days old or 5 years old. You can also ask about an OEM rider. This means you pay a little bit more for your policy, but should you ever need it, your vehicle will be repaired using only OEM parts. The last option is to pay for the price difference out of pocket. Sure, it's not a popular option, but is a few hundred dollars worth the piece of mind?

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