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The Next Chapter

Joshua is the eldest of the three boys and the current General Manager. He has worked at Steve's Auto Body for a combined 12 years now. He has been in the auto repair industry for the last 14 years. Having grown up in the shop, it was only fitting he would choose to work for his dad. Like Steve, he has a strong passion to help other people. This is even shown when he's not at the shop and spending time as a volunteer EMT in Charles County. When Joshua met KayMarie, he wasn't working for Steve's but another larger shop. Joshua asked KayMarie to come and work with him at that shop knowing she had a knack for customer service. When the time was right, Joshua came back to Steve's, bringing with him, his wife KayMarie. A former manager, having seen these two work together, dubbed them the "Power Couple", because between them, no task was impossible. Chances are, when you walk into our office, it will be KayMarie who first greets you, followed by Joshua. Both are eager, willing and capable to help you, no matter the situation.

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