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The Twins

The twins, Bill and Earl, have been with Steve since they finished high school. They learned their respective trades under his guidance.They both own Pontiac Fiero's, which you will find pictures of hanging in our office. The guys are easy to find in the shop, just look for the ones eating Ramen noodles for breakfast.


Bill is our lead technician. He is what is considered in the industry to be a "A Tech", which means he has the training and experience to tackle any repair that comes his way. Our heavy hit vehicles, ones that are usually in house for a month or more, usually find their way to him for that reason.

Earl is our one and only painter. He recently had to learn a new skill when the shop switched from urethane based paint to waterborne, which is totally separate animal. There is nothing he can't paint. Everything from automobiles to store signs to derby cars have been in our booth.

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